Chairmans Message

We recognise the growth of the company is dependant on the growth of the people. Through training and guidance we assist our team members desires to realise their potential and select their own path to achieving their personal goals and dreams.

You can ask any team member at Score Group plc and they know and understand that safety is our number one priority. Our teams are trained to recognise that safety in all forms is essential in their lives and that of their families. We actively encourage and implement safety measures above the standard requirements - we are always pleased to receive suggestions from any source regarding any HSEQ issues.

Fuelled by the drive and passion of our people, the family that is Score Group plc has expanded to a global network of companies, where our infrastructure of technology and innovation has and will continue to supply the services and processes to all our customers of global engineering excellence.

We recognise the stress humanity has placed on global resources and natural materials. Through functionality testing, performance measurement, material reclamation, emission reduction analysis and training, we acknowledge and understand our social responsibility to provide a service that minimises the impact to the environment of all our activities.

Our vision is simply to be the best in our industry providing the highest quality of standards through continual improvements to all our stakeholders.

Thanks for all your support.

Charles B Ritchie

Score Team - Together Everyone Achieves More
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