Score Europe Launch Primary Engineering Programme

On the week commencing 12th of March Score Europe took steps to forge closer links with local Primary schools offering children an insight of the facilities, work-scope, training and educational opportunities available within the organisation.

The MA (Modern Apprentice) scheme highlights the importance of S.T.E.M – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths within education and employment. Throughout the week a total of 80 pupils were given a guided tour of Score Europe and Score Energy facilities, gaining an insight into the various engineering divisions located throughout the Peterhead premises.

These budding engineers discovered how valves and actuators operate, the need for 100 tonne over head cranes, what is meant by pressure, how test cells function and the importance of safety. They were show examples of strip down assembly and testing of components, and how and why industrial gas turbines are used. Our apprentices and training staff highlighted the importance of mathematical calculations, following instructions and using their imagination.

A short presentation was given outlining the progression of aeronautical engineering developed from the idea of bird flight to rocket and jet innovation followed by a practical exercise on building a glider out of paper.
This exercise allowed the students to use their hand skills, follow procedures, select materials and more importantly work as a team to successfully manufacture the paper aircraft.

The pupils were a credit to their schools, showing excellent manners, conduct and respect. To show our appreciation we issued certificates to help mark the occasion and ignite that little bit of genius and imagination within all that attended.

A group of pupils at Score

In the following months we will expand this scheme, offering all local primary education facilities the opportunity to attend while we continue to promote and support engineering in all its forms.
Score Europe is currently recruiting for the MA Scheme summer intake.