Score Group Promotes Girls into Engineering

Score Group has a long history of recruiting females into Engineering with a steady increase over the last ten years.

Currently we have 30 females going through our multi award winning apprenticeship programme. All are at different stages in areas such as Engineering, Non Destructive Testing and Technical Sales.

The latest Skills Development Scotland figures show that only 5 % of females entered into an Engineering Apprenticeship for the period April 15 to March 16 in Scotland.   This compares to 14% of our current apprentice group which are female.

We seek equality and have a desire to increase this on a yearly basis setting our target a 50/50 split of Male to Female on our MA (Modern Apprenticeship) in Engineering.

Over the years we have seen a slow but steady rise of female interest into our business. This can be attributed to many reasons, a few being career fairs, secondary school visits, open days and advertisement.

Score has a positive family culture which supports females that may wish to have children; Score has created its own nursery and flexible working arrangements for females in engineering including part time work and short days to fit with child care and school timings.

In 2016 we created an initiative to invite all primary schools from years p4 – p7 to come along to our premises for a tour and to do a fun engineering challenge, this was hugely successful and it is hoped it has ‘planted the seed’ of career choices early on with both male and female alike.

We currently support the Fraserburgh Academy ‘Girls into Energy’ course, where females can choose to study Energy at National 5 Level. They are in an all-girl class to build an understanding of Energy and develop hand skills and research topics related to careers within the energy and engineering sectors. These courses have been fruitful for us, having recruited 5 females directly from this programme over the past 4 years.

In 2017 we will again be giving the opportunity of work experience for the local academies with places reserved for females in engineering.

Work Experience is always a positive way of introducing the pupil into the world of work and to give them an insight into what mechanical engineering is and the expected behaviours within a workshop setting.  However we do find it lacks female interest with most if not all places being filled with male pupils.  To balance this out and to drive our desire for females into engineering, Score has taken the initiative. We are now advising the work experience unit, secondary schools and guidance staff that we are eager to have 50/50 gender split.  To drive this and to get the best response possible Score is assembling a team of our female Engineering apprentices willing to go ‘on the road’ to the academies with presentations on their “Journey into Engineering” and their progress so far.

The best role models for females into engineering are the successful females themselves.


Four recent MA completions (two others working at our locations in Australia and Canada) Congratulations girls you represent one third of all female engineering completions in Scotland during 2015-2016 according to SDS (Skills Development Scotland).

Two of the girls working in our Peterhead workshops

Two of the girls working in our Peterhead workshops



Latest SDS figures show only 18 females completed an engineering MA in the last annual reporting period.  In Score, six female apprentices have completed their Modern Apprenticeship recently, representing a third of Engineering Apprentice completions across Scotland. It is clear that Score gives opportunities to all with the necessary desire and work ethic, regardless of gender.

If you would like more information about our drive to increase females into Engineering careers or want to take part, please contact Fiona Johnston through