Score Europe (Cowdenbeath) Complete Major Upgrade

Score Europe’s facility at Cowdenbeath, opened in 1984, has remained an important part of the Group’s research and development programme. Although much work at the location is similar to that of other valve sites, a unique aspect of work is that of specialised valve testing.

Score Cowdenbeath provides industry leading valve expertise and can provide the client with rapid and, if necessary, bespoke solutions to any valve requirements. Score (Europe) Limited’s specialist test facility comprises of:

• Specialist pressure & performance testing equipment.
• A valve overhaul workshop occupied by highly skilled & experienced valve technicians, capable of overhauling, testing & re-certifying any type of valve.
• Machining centre.
• On-site engineering & metallurgy team.

Valve failure can lead to ineffi cient opera on of piping systems and downtime, or in the case of external leaks can cause fire, explosion or contamination hazards. With this in mind, Cowdenbeath has recently upgraded the fire test facility to now include bend testing during
fire testing.

Score (Europe) Limited can now fully comply with specification API 6FB Part I & Part II Fire Testing of End Connections, for bend testing during fire test.

Details are provided below
Original test spec Part I Representing conditions in an
onshore or open off shore location.

a) Both bending and non bending test
b) Flame temperature range = 761°C to 980°C
c) Calorimeter block reading = 650deg C within time limit

New addition to test spec Part II represents conditions in an off shore well bay location.

a) Both bending and non bending test
b) Flame temperature range = 1093°C to 1371°C
c) Calorimeter block reading = 982°C within time limit

The upgrade to our facility gives us the ability to cover all parameters of part I and II including bend test whereas previously we could only carry out part I non-bending. Whilst conforming with the above, the parameters of the new test facility allow us to additionally carry out
testing to temperatures up to 1400°C, bending moments up to 430,000 NM and hydrostastic test pressures up to 15,000 psig.

This is a major upgrade and advancement to the facility and well done to all involved during the process.

Fire Test 1