Achilles Awards Score Energy 100% in Audit

Score Energy continually strives to exceed the highest quality and safety standards within the gas turbine industry.  In recognition of this commitment, the company was delighted to receive 100% in a recent audit from Achilles, an independent provider of supplier risk management services.

The Achilles network is made up of 900 major buying organisations and 100,000+ suppliers including National Grid, EDF Energy and Scottish & Southern Electric.

Achilles manages a database that provides a unique community in which organisations can form trade relationships. In turn, they deliver managed supplier pre-qualification programmes, carry out industry audits, mitigate risks, cleanse supplier data and provide reports and analysis to drive continuous improvement – Reducing the time and resources spent on pre-qualification and sourcing.

Score Energy’s inclusion in this database means that they are independently assessed by Achilles on an annual basis. Existing and potential utility customers can then access the results of these assessments.

Assessments are carried out over two days and consist of an in-depth analysis designed by utility companies in order to evaluate their suppliers and potential suppliers. All companies are assessed in two main areas:

Management System Evaluation

Assessing the controls and documentation that are applicable to the management of the company’s processes and activities.

Onsite assessment

Workshop based compliance

Within each of these areas, companies are assessed on their practices relating to health & safety, environmental, quality and corporate social responsibility.

Following assessments carried out in April 2017, Score Energy achieved 100% in all areas – An achievement that the Score team are very proud of.

If you have a requirement relating to gas turbines or their associated equipment, a member of the Score Energy Customer Service team would be more than happy to discuss your needs and can be contacted via For more information on any of Score Energy’s services visit

Score Energy has built an award-winning and customer-focused global support business for the oil, gas and energy industries based on technical expertise and exceptional customer relationships and support. They are now recognised as one of the world’s leading gas turbine support companies with over 130 employees strategically placed at workshop centres in Scotland, England, Dubai, China, Malaysia and America, where their fully qualified and experienced teams specialise in overhaul, repair, upgrade, modification, testing, supply and leasing of gas turbines, fuel systems, accessories and auxiliaries.

With AS9100, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification together with accreditation through Achilles and FPAL, quality and safety are at the very core of their business. This is further emphasised by Score Energy possessing OEM authorisations and approvals from GE, Parker-Hannifin, AAT, Titeflex, Woodward, Arkwin, Honeywell and TDI which cover gas turbine fuel nozzles, pre-mixers, accessories and auxiliaries.