Score Subsea and Wellhead Host Shell Pig Launcher SIT

Score Subsea and Wellhead (SSWL) has recently under taken a full Site Integration Test for Shell UK of an In-line Inspection (ILI) Tool. The tool has been designed and developed by PII, a division of GE. The aim of the test was to ensure this new tool would be suitable for the 20” pipeline it is scheduled to inspect later this summer.

The tool measures the pipeline wall thickness to detect corrosion, it is also capable of detecting cracks, pitting and other defects. It sends the data back to the Diving Support Vessel (DSV) in
real time as well as its location and travel speed. There were 18 representatives from Shell and their sub-contractors present during the test, who will all be involved in the pigging campaign.
A large screen TV was set up with a HD Camera looking up the bore so all parties could monitor the progress of the ILI as it travelled through the mock up spool that was specially manufactured. The ILI Tool weights a total of 797kg but surprisingly the pressure at
which the pig moved through the bore was only 6bar.


Shell UK representatives were delighted with how the testing was performed and stated: “The IPL SIT required involvement from multiple parties on Score’s site; Shell, Subsea 7 (project personnel, vessel personnel & ROV tooling personnel (iTech), Enermech, Stork and PII (GE) and it is testament to the professional, friendly, and helpful attitude of all at SSWL that personnel from each of those companies spoke so highly of the support they received” going on the say “I have been impressed with the open and friendly communication and the willingness to help and support the ever changing requests from our side”