Husky Shutdown

Score Canada Limited is busy working on the Husky SeaRose FPSO Shutdown. This scope includes a 21 day oil-to-oil shutdown where Score is responsible for overhauling and repairing many complex valves and PSV’s. The valves are of all sizes from 3” to 12”, high pressure, made from exotic materials and from various manufacturers. The largest, most challenging, valve to repair during this shutdown is a 12” 2500# Orbit Ball Valve which requires advanced equipment and tooling to strip and reassemble. With all spare parts previously procured, there is a tight turnaround time to have these valves back offshore. In total 33 PSV’s and 8 larger scale valves will be tested, repaired and sent offshore during this shutdown. Two of our Valve Technicians are currently offshore on the FPSO assisting our client with the shutdown. Score employees are coming together, working day and night, to ensure we surpass our deadlines. Our Score Canada team is excited for this challenge and proud of the work completed thus far.