Score Energy has recently been an integral part of the team involved in installing the first TDI 56H sprag clutch on a GE LM6000 gas turbine for one of their international clients.

Operators have reported that some clutch types being used within gas turbine industry are failing to disengage due to contamination issues. Failure to disengage results in the hydraulic motor portion being driven past its design rating leading to catastrophic failure.

sprig1 Score’s client has previous experience of this failure mode across their fleet leading to unplanned down time & the associated costs attributed with these types of failure. As a result they enlisted Score’s help in resolving the issue.

A team of experienced engineers, from Score Energy, the customer and the OEM, TDI, travelled to their site and successfully installed and operated the 22 point TDI 56H Sprag Clutch on the LM6000 gas turbine.

sprig2Calum Melhuish, Sales Director for Score Energy, said: “Score Energy became an approved distributer for TDI, a GE owned company, in 2012. It was a natural fit into our existing portfolio, in that it allowed us to offer additional quality technical solutions to our established customer base, as well as offering a new customer focused fix to an industry known issue, something which we at Score Energy are renowned for.

The design, manufacture and installation of this TDI clutch could be ground breaking for our customers and prevent a lot of costly down time due to faulty clutches, such as the one previously installed.

The feedback from our client has been very positive and we look forward to assisting with future solutions”

Client feedback:
In October 2017 at one of our LM6000PD sites the starting system was converted to accommodate a TDI 56H starter clutch. We are convinced it will ensure trouble free operation for at least 25K hours and avoid catastrophic failures as experienced with the current ones. Thanks to a thorough preparation and communication between all parties involved all components and test procedures where at hand resulting in a successful modification, no surprises occurred. The clutch performed as expected during test start/base load and observed parameters within normal limits

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