Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring of the performance of valves and actuators is a vital part of ensuring plant and processes operate safely and efficiently with the minimum down time. So by identifying and quantifying the problem, the valve maintenance requirements can be determined and prioritised. Condition monitoring systems can be portable for applications, where spot checks or checks at shutdowns are required, or they can be permanently installed for continuous monitoring for the highly critical applications such as Riser ESDVs.

Score provide several field proven solutions:-

Control valve diagnostics via Score's V-Scan portable system. This ensures the process control systems are functioning correctly, by diagnosing problems with the system's final element, the control valve, and its controls such as the positioner and I/P converter.

Leak detection via Acoustic Emissions. A portable unit used to detect and quantify through valve leakage, for comparison to allowable levels dictated by Safety Cases, operational requirements or environmental limits.

V-MAP® a permanently installed system, that monitors valve and actuator condition for every operation or partial operation, incorporates leak detection via Acoustic Emissions, and interfaces with the installation's process control systems.

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