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VITAL™ is a Learning Content and Competency Management System (LCCMS) that has been in operation in the Score Group of Companies for over 10 years. Originally created entirely in-house by a dedicated team of designers and software developers, it has evolved over time and now encompasses over 1000 web-based personal development training modules, in addition to recording the competency and continuing professional development of all Score employees worldwide.

Online Learning

VITAL™ online learning is available to all Score team members and selected guests. Our team members are actively encouraged to use the system on a regular basis in order to access and complete specific, relevant training which is linked to their job roles. The VITAL™ e-learning library includes training materials in the following broad subject areas :-

  • Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Information and Training
  • Company Specific Policies, Procedures and Work Instructions and Training
  • Workshop (Engineering) Training
  • Office Based Training
  • Human Resources Materials and Training
  • Information and Communication Technology Arrangements and Training

Each training module in the system is broken down into recognised industry standard sections, ensuring that learners receive the maximum possible benefit from every training session. Whilst the user is in almost complete control of his / her learning, all learners’ training is focused into learning frameworks for them by supervisors, working in conjunction with Human Resources. This ensures that all mandatory training, specific to each learners’ work role, is completed first.

The uniqueness of Score’s system is that all training materials are scripted, developed, designed, programmed and ultimately distributed entirely in-house by Score Training And Multimedia Productions Limited, supported by subject matter experts throughout the Score Group.

Competency Management

With the addition of Competency Management, the system took on the name VITAL™ Skills. The system is now capable of managing a portfolio of evidence, in support of competency assessment and developments plans. This powerful tool enables the user to take ownership for their ongoing development in their job role and their Score career. All competency evidence uploaded is reviewed and approved by qualified assessors and supervisors on a regular basis.

The strengths and advantages of the system also come into play during appraisals, by tracking individual and team development progress as well as guiding and focusing team members on essential versus desirable training. Indicators are set throughout the system for easy and intuitive interpretation of all progress results.

Other Features

VITAL™ Skills also includes :-

  • Resource Catalogue (Supporting technical reference materials)
  • System News Facility (Advice on new releases, system changes etc)
  • Organisational Structure Replication (For easy management of learners)
  • User Profile and Training Health (Check progress at-a-glance)
  • Review Status (Next review date and evidence reviews)
  • User Friendly (Including Learner Account Administration)
  • Highly Secure (Password Protection for all Stakeholders)
  • Web-based and Accessible Worldwide (Limited only by internet coverage)

For further information, please contact :-

Score Training And Multimedia Productions Limited
VITAL Training and Conference Centre
Aberdeenshire AB42 3GL
Scotland, U.K.

Tel. +44 (0) 1779 482333
Fax. +44 (0) 1779 482334

VITAL-ising our World™

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