Our Commitment

At Score our engineering trainees are encouraged to obtain qualifications over and above the Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) level 2 and 3 achieved early in their course. National Certificate, Higher National Certificate and even university degree qualifications are all available to Score trainees who want to make the most of what we have to offer.

During the 6 years of a modern engineering apprenticeship, the learning and development of new skills is recorded in each trainee's own logbook. Such continuous recording and assessment ensures that all individuals meet the required standard throughout the whole training programme, and that each trainee's strengths and weaknesses can be recognised at all stages and be addressed and rewarded accordingly.

During employment at Score, all team members, both established and new recruits, have the opportunity to develop their careers further through participation in our enhanced training programmes. In addition, staff are encouraged to gain a broader knowledge of the company, its worldwide operations and the engineering industry in general. This increased awareness is achieved by allocating personnel to work for varying periods of time with different specialised teams, sometimes overseas.

At Score we firmly believe that some knowledge and understanding of work other than in your own specialism leads to better teamwork and a smoother operation of the whole organisation.