About Canada

Score (Canada) Limited are a leading single source provider for valve services in the Canadian market, providing valve services to leading oil & gas majors operating in the expanding oil & gas sector in Canada.

Score (Canada) Limited has a purpose-built workshop facility in St Johns and Edmonton fully-equipped for valve supply, overhaul & testing. The Score Eastern Canada team includes engineers, technicians and inspectors with extensive experience of valves, actuation and the oil & gas industry.

What services can Score Canada provide?

The services provided by Score Canada include:

  • Total Valve Management contracts
  • New valve & actuator supply
  • Valve & actuator repair
  • Valve modifications
  • Valve testing (FAT)
  • Field support
  • Engineering support
  • Project supply
  • Supply chain inspection & expediting
  • Valve diagnostics & condition monitoring
  • Warehousing and inventory management

As part of the Score group of companies Score Canada can call on extensive support from within the Score Group valve division.

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Fact File

Company Name

Score (Canada) Limited

Market Sectors

Oil & Gas



Products & Services

Valve Supply

Valve Repair

Actuators Supply

Valve Actuation

Valve Testing

Field Support


St Johns NL

Edmonton AB

Head Office

159 McNamara Drive
Paradise, NL, A1L 0A7

Tel: +1 709 782 6333

Fax: +1 709 782 6330