Engine Accessories

We carry out all types of services including supply of new or exchanged engine accessories and overhaul services that are carried out ‘in-house’ to OEM specifications, but have also developed advanced repairs and coatings which improve turbine performance and extend service life. These tested and validated advanced repairs, allow us to salvage components which would otherwise be replaced with costly new ones.

Score Group can provide assistance with all off engine accessories and hardware: 

  • Fuel nozzles, valves, regulators and pumps
  • Bleed air and thrust balance control valves
  • Fuel dividers, manifolds and feed pipes
  • Lube oil pumps and valves
  • Hydraulic controllers, pumps and servo’s
  • VSV and IGV actuators
  • Starter motors
  • Staging valves
  • Sensors, cables and harnesses
AAT (Advanced Atomization Technologies)
Avon Fuel Systems & Accessories
DLE Bleed Valves
GE LM Fuel Systems & Accessories
RB211 Fuel Systems & Accessories
Solar Gas Turbines
TB5000 Fuel Systems & Accessories
Fuel Systems & Accessories Flyer


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