Score Group offer high quality services utilising OEM parts and procedures where approved. As a result of our commitment to work with original equipment manufacturers we aim to continually develop the quality of our service, equipment and repair processes that we provide.  As a result  Score Group standards achieve consistently higher levels of operational efficiency and reliability. 


  • Clean, check and Test
  • Overhaul, Repair and Development
  • Component Manufacture
  • Investigating and Trouble Shooting
  • Exchange and Supply
GE LM Gas Turbines
Solar Gas Turbines
GE Frame 5 units
Siemens (Rolls Royce) Avon
Siemens (Rolls Royce) Olympus
Siemens (Rolls Royce) RB211
Siemens (Ruston) TB range
Siemens Industrial range (SGT)


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