Overhaul, Repair & Exchange

Score Energy provides an industry leading Gas Turbine component inspection, repair and overhaul service, over the complete range of equipment serviced. We carry out numerous types of component overhaul ‘in-house’ to OEM specifications, but have also developed advanced repairs and coatings which improve turbine performance and extend service life. These tested and validated advanced repairs, allow us to salvage components which would otherwise be replaced with costly new ones.

To maintain our market leading position:

  • All personnel are trained to the OEM standards, then reviewed and further trained as part of our culture for continuous improvement.
  • We take quality seriously, subjecting our processes to rigorous internal and independent external audits each year.
  • All overhaul procedures are managed “in-house” utilising the latest tools, technology and testing equipment.
  • We hold the world’s largest stock of fuel systems and accessories spares allowing us to provide our customers with an unbeatable turnaround service.

Overhaul and Repair

A "one-stop" overhaul, repair and testing facility for the entire range of fuel systems, accessories and auxiliaries.

  • Global service centres.
  • Reduced turnaround times.
  • OEM approved personnel, processes and components.
  • Unique and exclusive approvals.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Engineered solutions specific to your requirement.
  • Highest quality. - Local service, Global support.

Exchange and Supply

An extensive pool of spare components for specific GE, Solar, Siemens and Rolls-Royce gas turbines minimising costly downtime and reducing large capital outlays on stock.

  • All fuel systems, accessories and auxiliaries available.
  • Fixed costs.
  • Available for both scheduled and unscheduled outages.
  • Full OEM testing prior to shipment.
  • Despatched within 24 Hours.
  • Full OEM warranty and certification.
  • Local service, Global support.


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