Component Testing & Inspection

A range of Inspection and testing techniques are used by Score Group during Repair, Overhaul, service and Manufacturing to ensure the highest quality and quickest results are always attainted.  By ensuring that our Inspection and testing services are to the highest standard we can ensure that everything supplied from Score Group is to the highest quality.  Our facility contain a fully equipped non-destructive examination (NDE) laboratory with Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Inspection, Magnetic Particle Inspection, X-Ray, Hardness Testing and Positive Material Identification. 

  • High Flow Gas Performance Testing  
  • Automated Flow Performance Testing  
  • Pump Performance Testing  
  • Hydraulic Controls Testing  
  • Pressure Testing  
  • Flow and Spray Performance testing

X-ray/CT Scan & Dye Penetrant Inspection 

Industrial 2D Digital X-ray and 2D Computed Tomography System 

Using our state-of-the-art digital x-ray system we can inspect the likes of fuel nozzles, to find any defects which may be causing issues with production. This advanced system allows us to delve deep inside the product, layer by layer. 

  • Advanced 2D X-ray inspection 
  • 2D CT Slice reconstruction 
  • CT volume reconstructions for 3D inspection 
  • 3D internal and external surface scanning 
  • Measurement and Analysis tools 

The advantages of Digital X-ray are huge for our customers. What can take hours with traditional x-ray, only takes minutes with digital allowing us to give our customers savings on turn-time and cost, along with a much more accurate inspection. 

Advantages of digital x-ray: 

  • Reduction of the need to repeat exposures 
  • Produces high-quality images consistently
  • Increases overall productivity 
  • Provides a safer environment  
  • Low cost storage, expansion and retrieval of X-ray images 
  • Provides a way to show customers digital images quickly 
  • Provides enhanced images with measurement capabilities 

Dye Penetrant Inspection 

We use Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI) to detect defects on various fuel nozzles, accessories and auxiliaries. 


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