Turbine Parts

Score Manufactured Turbine Parts

Score Groups in-house capabilities to produce re-engineered spare parts to our own design and specifications are now available on short lead times to operators and spare parts stockists. These are designed and manufactured with full control over the raw material supply chain, utilizing the latest technological advances in machining, materials and coatings.

Our rotating and non-rotating parts are used worldwide industries on both standby and continuous running operations, and have provided increased performance benefits without any instance of failure.

The continuous improvement on offer to our clients ensures increased longevity of components, this is a result of the use of the very latest materials, quality assurance and regular field testing. All modifications and improvements to modern and historical parts undertaken by Score Group involve the latest manufacturing technologies and materials, and are completed with rapid turnaround times.

Stringent inspection and quality control is maintained to ensure world class components that provide considerable benefits to our customers, and perform equal to or better than the OEM parts they replace.

Key KN components, typically available Ex-Stock:

  • HP, IP and LP turbine rotor blades
  • Turbine Cup Washer
  • HP, IP, LP nozzle guide vanes
  • Thermocouple Harness
  • Exhaust Cone locating sleeve bush
  • Turbine Rear Bearing
  • Compressor Rotor Blades- all stages
  • Compressor Stator Vanes- all stages
  • Inlet Guide Vanes
  • Actuating IGV Bushes
  • IGV Actuating Rings


  • Turbine Front Bearing
  • Flame Tube Channel
  • Single dish flame tubes
  • Triple dish flame tubes
  • Swirler Burner flame tubes
  • Low NOx flame tubes
  • Discharge nozzle
  • Flame Tube Bridge Piece
  • Cooper beam
  • Seals
  • Gaskets

Parts Supply

As a global leading Independent Repair and Overhaul Facility Score Group recognize the importance of providing customers with a high level of continued support for legacy products while the OEM may focus on latest production models. Therefore in support of our customers Score Energy maintains over $30 million of both new OEM and overhauled OEM parts , components and consumables for various manufacturers. These come with full traceability and a certificate of conformity as appropriate, as well as a market leading warranty as standard.


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