Score Trinidad – Opens Corporate Office

December 2011, marked the realization of one of Score Trinidad’s strategic goals; the opening of a new corporate office. On the 8th Floor of the Albion Plaza situated in the capital, this new office overlooks the entire city of Port of Spain and is surrounded by many of the key Oil and Gas operators that reside in Trinidad.

As part of Score Trinidad’s growth and development commitment, the expansion of office space became an obvious need and it was impossible to do it at the main office in Cunupia. The suggestion to relocate the contracts department to Port of Spain was quickly and intelligently put into action and it proved to be a highly commendable move.

View from the new Score Trinidad office

Our contracts team supports and manages the current BPTT contract and intends to further build on our relationship with BPTT in anticipation of a stronger and longer term relationship. It has been 2 months since the move, and the positive comments are still flowing in. Our clients have welcomed the initiative and the benefits it brings.

In today’s highly dynamic environment, it is necessary to be proactive and encourage this kind of initiative, in order to keep abreast of competitors. The main intention of this new office is essentially to attract and sustain corporate relationships with current and potential clients.

The reception at Score Trinidad's new location

As our vision states, Score Trinidad intends to maintain ‘an image that keeps us as the Preferred Service and Procurement provider for all our clients’, and the opening of this new office is a step in the right direction to the realization of this vision.

It is also imperative to proclaim that the opening of Score’s Corporate Office is not merely the progress of the Contracts Department but the entire team of Score Trinidad. The future of the company as a whole looks prosperous and we hope to continue to grow as an organisation with a strong willingness to evolve in the Oil & Gas Industry; as far as we can reach and to the best of our ability.

The Score Trinidad team in their new premises