Rolls-Royce Gas Turbine Training Course

The course objective of Score Energy’s Rolls-Royce Avon and RB211 training programme is to ensure that all apprentices acquire an in depth understanding of the workings and functions of these engines and their specific applications.

The course is constructed to be an open and ongoing learning procedure with lectures backed up by a more extensive and widespread involvement in the workshop. In the classroom the trainees learn about the basic jet engine in general and the Avon in particular. How it starts, accelerates, disengages the starter motor, ramps up to its design speed of around 7,800 RPM depending on the customer’s requirement.

Then its deceleration and starter motor re-engagement and many points of topic in between, such as vibration and turbine excitation, and special mention of the combustion process.

When they go on to the larger RB211 engine they learn exactly how design changes make this engine 3 times more powerful than the Avon, and are shown the up rating of power in successive larger Rolls-Royce engines. The Avon will produce 12000 lbs thrust. The RB211 40,000-50,000 lbs thrust. The Trent 100, 000 lbs thrust and the new Trent, 115,000 lbs thrust.

They are also made aware of the colossal forces generated within these engines to produce such power, and the catastrophic consequences of these forces being unleashed through engine failure.

A small turbine blade weighing only 2 or 3 ounces may exert a centrifugal loading of 2 tons at top speed. Glowing white hot, it must be resistant to fatigue and thermal shock, be allowed to ‘creep’, resist corrosion and oxidation, endure high frequency fluctuations in the gas stream then return to normal after its 30,000 hours cycle between overhauls. In the throughput of engines in the workshop, a balance between production and quality has to be maintained, with the emphasis on quality. This is best summed up in our own maxim. Right first time, on time.

Bobby Gritton, Score (Energy) Limited

Bobby Gritton Presenting on the Course