Step Change in Safety Address Apprentice Assembly

Step Change in Safety was recently invited by Score Group plc to its head office in Peterhead Scotland to address its apprentice group, an invitation they gladly accepted.  Therefore on Friday 10th April, Gillian Simpson and Emily Taylor both Project Co-ordinators with Step Change gave a presentation at one of our regular apprentice lectures on the role of Step Change in the Oil & Gas and Offshore industry.

They began the presentation by giving an overview of the organisation stressing that the main aim is to get all industries, companies and organisations to share knowledge in regards to safety with each other.  This is where Step Change comes in.  This information is pulled together for the entire industry’s benefit.  As stated on their website, ‘Step Change in Safety is a not-for-profit, member-led organisation which aims to make the UK the safest oil province in the world to work in.’  They continued to touch on some initiatives where Step Change has worked with industry to achieve significant change.  These included Asset Integrity and Hydrocarbon Release Prevention, Leadership and Workforce Engagement, Competence and Human Factors, and Helicopter Safety.

They concluded by showing a few hard-hitting videos demonstrating where safety is not just a company’s responsibility.  A company can produce procedures, work instructions and other safety driven initiatives.  They can also strictly monitor that these are being followed.  However, it comes down to everyone individually to ensure these are not only being followed but improved upon where possible, and this knowledge shared.

Gillian and Emily then willingly took a few questions from the audience before being thanked for their time to come along once again to Score.