Peterhead Training Centre Welcomes VIP to Scottish Apprenticeship Week Event

Scottish Apprenticeship Week this year ran from 18th to 22nd May and as part of this, Peterhead Engineers Development Limited (PEDL) hosted an open evening on the 21st of May.  PEDL provide Score’s 1st year engineering apprentices and administration trainees with the first steps to their careers and as such, Score Group plc was delighted to support and be engaged in this event.  On the night, just short of 100 visitors came along and were invited to tour the facilities including workshop, classrooms, online learning and administration training rooms.  Escorted by a few of Score’s current apprentices, they explained what operations are carried out in each of the areas where the current 1st year apprentices at the training centre were hard at work demonstrating their newly acquired skills.  PEDL staff were also on hand to answer any queries and explain the qualification and experience that can be gained in the centre, while Score’s apprentice coordinators were also in attendance to explain the route once they complete their initial training.

This was not the first time that the Training Centre has opened its doors to the public and through these annual events, a number of notable visitors have attended.  This year, it was wonderful to welcome Mr Bill Simpson, a former lead instructor at the centre.  Mr Simpson who retired around 1999 was given preferential treatment, and rightly so, as he was instrumental in providing many an engineer with their early training.  These engineers have flourished into lead positions both here in Peterhead and local area, as well as globally within various organisations and companies.

Conrad Ritchie Managing Director of Score Europe stated following the event, “This evening we were humbled to be visited by Mr Bill Simpson who is now well into his eighties.  Bill was an instrumental part of the PEDL team for many, many years.  During the course of his training career he mentored 100’s if not 1000’s of youngsters in the Peterhead area. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for the extra efforts he applied during his time at PEDL.  We did ask him if he would consider coming out of retirement to return as an instructor but he politely declined.  We wish him continued good health and long and happy retirement”

Mr Ritchie continued, “Tonight was another positively received open night for PEDL, well attended and along with the staff who organised the event we are delighted to be part of the national apprentice week programme.”

Darren Anderson, Bill Simpson, Conrad Ritchie and Simon Turner

Darren Anderson, Bill Simpson, Conrad Ritchie and Simon Turner

There have been several events supporting Scottish Apprenticeship Week all over the country to give young people the information they require to make a decision on their future and to find out how to get involved.  Score is still accepting applications for engineering apprenticeships which shall commence at the end of July and also includes Materials and Warehousing Modern Apprenticeships and Business and Administration Modern Apprenticeships.  To find out more contact