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Armed Forces Reserves Run “Exercise Score” in Peterhead

On Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th February, Armed Forces 106 Battalion REME (Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers) took over Admiralty Gateway, Peterhead to run “Exercise Score.”

30 armed forces representatives and recruiters ran a two day Reserve experience event for Score apprentices based in Peterhead.

Across the two days, 280 apprentices attended a series of taster sessions, designed to educate on opportunities within the Reserve Forces and to allow experience of the type of tasks and team building exercises involved in the training and development of enlisted services.

The 2 day event follows Score signing an Armed Forces Covenant to seal a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Defence on 1st February.

Apprentices donned the multi-terrain pattern uniform worn by the British Armed Forces to be guided in a series of basic training and command tasks, testing the ability to give and follow instructions – The type of tasks that are used for the development of leadership skills within the armed forces.

An insight into military weapon systems was also given. Attendees had the opportunity to see and gain a feel for a range of weaponry and thermal imaging cameras, in addition to respirators used for chemical, biological, nuclear and radioactive environments.

Speaking of the taster sessions, Major Andy Simpson, Executive officer for 106 Battalion REME (Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers) said, “This two day programme has been an ideal opportunity to engage with a group of young engineers enrolled in Score’s vocational training programme. A high percentage of the work that Score is involved in mirrors the work carried out within our regiment. Score’s engineering cohort absolutely comprises the type of personnel we would seek to recruit. The last two days have been mutually beneficial for both organisations and it has been a pleasure to work with a company so supportive of the Armed Reserve and what we are trying to do to benefit the community.”

As a result of the programme a number of trainees have signed up for the Armed Forces Reserves and will now be put forward to a recruitment panel.

Conrad Ritchie, Managing Director of Score (Europe) Limited said “There are some clear parallels between our training programmes and those of the Armed Reserve, especially the connections with the REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers). Over the last 2 days we have encouraged our trainees to become involved with the Armed Forces Reserve and we will be flexible regarding whichever pathway they choose. We welcome the additional opportunities and experiences this project can bring to our trainees; all of which will help them grow. We are proud of their positive reactions and are happy to confirm that 40 trainees have signed up with over 80 noting a further interest in the Armed Forces Reserve. This in itself will help secure the reserve provision locally for the benefit of all”.


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