Score Europe Encourage School Engagement

We were delighted today to welcome 4 classes of pupils from St Combs primary school along with their teachers to our Wellbank facility in Peterhead. To start off, we regaled them in full Hi-Viz and safety glasses then they were given a tour of Score Energy Limited building, our Industrial Gas Generation and accessories departments and workshops. The second part of the day involved a short presentation from a few of our mechanical apprentices before an interactive activity was done by the whole group.

They were given some cardboard, string, bubble wrap, cotton wool, straws, paper, ducktape amongst other materials and told the challenge was to be able to drop an raw egg from a height of 2 metres without the egg cracking.  A challenge they thoroughly enjoyed with some great engineering ideas coming out.  They all managed to invent a way to ‘save the egg’.  It was a great ‘eggsperiment’.

We hope all the children had a great day out, learned something about engineering and would gladly welcome them back at any time.  We are welcoming all primary schools in the local area over the coming 12 months.