Score Apprentices End Year on a High Note

Over two days, Score Group plc celebrated the successes of their apprentices at the annual Apprentice Awards and Christmas meals. Held at the Tufted Duck Hotel, St Combs, on the 19th and 20th December over 200 apprentices attended alongside mentors and company directors, as well as special guests from local academies and NESCOL to recognise the trainees’ achievements.

Conrad Ritchie, Managing Director of Score International Limited, opened the event on both days, giving a warm welcome and focusing on the importance of loyalty between employees and employers. He reminded trainees that despite their apprenticeships coming to an end, they are the future of Score Group, and have great potential to progress within the Score Group of companies, particularly in a global sense.

A range of awards were judged by the performance of the trainees over the last 12 months and presented by our Apprentice Co-ordinators. These awards included the VITAL Performers of the Year, Competency Progress Award, Annual Safety Award 2018, Most Improved Engineering Trainee of the Year and Administration Trainee of the Year.

The Engineering Apprentice of the Year award was renamed the Charles Buchan Ritchie Award in 2017. After a video of the previous year’s winner, who is currently working at our facility in Edmonton, Canada, the Charles Buchan Ritchie Award was proudly presented by Nelson Ritchie, Score Group plc Managing Director and CEO, to another promising female apprentice, who has shown grit and determination over the past year.

Score trainees undertake a demanding 6 year apprenticeship, which sees them earn an NC and HNC, moving onto HND should they wish to progress in their education. The award ceremony is an opportunity to recognise the hard work and determination performed by these apprentices, as they are handed their ‘Time Served’ papers at the end of their 6 years of service. This year 38 engineering apprentices, including 1 QA trainee, and also 6 Administration apprentices from our premises in Peterhead and Cowdenbeath received their papers.

Admin Time-Served-App-2018

Following the award ceremony and celebratory meal, directors and managers for Score addressed the trainees and guests, congratulating the award winners and Time Served trainees. Special guest speaker, Inspector George Cordiner from Police Scotland spoke to the group for the 4th consecutive year. Focusing on safety over the Christmas period, he passed on some advice on safe driving, drink and drug usage and mental health.

Score Group plc now employs over 300 apprentices worldwide across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia, with the view to take on their largest intake in 2019. Applications in Peterhead for Mechanical and Machining apprentices and Administration trainees are still open to become part of Score’s award winning team.