Score (Canada) Limited Expand Facilities

On the 23rd of January, Score Canada Limited was delighted to officially open its new facility in Newfoundland.

It was opened by Nelson Ritchie, Managing Director and CEO of Score Group plc, who travelled over from Peterhead especially for the event. The new facility has been obtained by the company to complement its current office and workshop and is only a very short distance away. The new facility gives the company increased office and workshop space but also has a large external storage yard which is a major asset.

Score Canada Employees

Score Canada Employees at the Opening

In the early 2000s Score Group plc made the decision to branch out its services to Canada following successes in other global locations. Beginning with an office in St Johns, Newfoundland, Score (Eastern Canada) Limited was quickly followed by, Score TransCanada Limited in Edmonton, Alberta providing services to Western Canada. In 2015, the two companies merged to form Score (Canada) Limited to cover the northern part of North America with valve related services.

This expansion is another mark of how Score Canada has grown in recent years which only began a decade or so ago. Score Canada is looking forward to another busy year, and we wish them all the best.

The Score Canada Building in Newfoundland

The Score Canada Building in Newfoundland