Discover Your Potential at Score (Europe) Limited

Are you leaving school and considering a career in engineering? Perhaps a supporting role in an office? Score (Europe) Limited is part of the Score Group of companies, providing Intelligent Valve Management services to various industries throughout the world.

Every year we actively recruit apprentices in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical, Technical Support, Welding, Machining, NDT (Non Destructive Testing) and IT (Information Technology). The recruitment of apprentices is essential to our development and future skillset at Score, allowing us to produce and nurture highly skilled and qualified technicians.

Our award winning Mechanical Engineering apprenticeship gives trainees the opportunity to gain a wide knowledge on various valve types, and understand the workings of several departments within the company, before specialising their skillset in the final 2 years.

For those who want to set their sights farther afield, Score offer many opportunities to work offshore and offsite. We provide our expertise far and wide and operate in over 30 locations throughout the world.  Many of our apprentices are given the opportunity to work from some of our global locations, including America, Canada and Australia, as part of their training.

Samantha is in her final year, working within the Control Valve division: “My apprenticeship has allowed me to gain an incredible amount of knowledge in my field. Score has also provided me with a lot of opportunities during my apprenticeship which I am grateful for. Currently I am working at a site in Canada, and I recently won the Charles Buchan Ritchie award for the apprentice of the year, which was testament to my dedication.

“I have also been chosen to begin a new degree programme, allowing me to gain a Bachelor Honours in Design and Manufacture whilst continuing to work and gain experience. Not a lot of individuals are able to say at 25 years old they have the qualifications and experience I will have once I have completed my degree.”

We give Machining apprentices the opportunity to work within our purpose built Machine Shop in Peterhead. Our apprentices learn to use all the manual machines, CNC lathes and CNC Milling machines needed to build valve components. This large building is also home to our apprentice Welders, who learn a wide variety of welding skills and techniques.

Another exciting apprenticeship we offer is in NDT, where trainees can develop an advanced knowledge of tests that can be used to identify defects in valves.

Kyle is a 2nd year NDT apprentice: “Over 6 years Score will allow me to gain valuable experience and formal qualifications for the most common NDT methods. This is very valuable to me as few companies offer this type of NDT apprenticeship, making it quite unique.

“Over the past 2 years I have achieved my Dye Penetrant Inspection and Magnetic Particle Inspection qualifications. I am currently working towards achieving my Ultrasonic Inspection qualification and eventually will move onto Radiography Inspection and Interpretation.

“Furthermore I have gained experience using various other non-formal NDT methods such as Positive Material Identification, Hardness Testing, Ferrite Testing as well as Calibration on Pressure Gauges and Torque Wrenches. There’s so much to learn, and I’m excited for the next few years.”

Through an apprenticeship with us you’ll develop an impressive knowledge of all of the parts and products we deal with daily, and enjoy a variation of work. Providing apprenticeships for over 30 years, we have invested a great deal of time and money into our trainees. With so many options for progression within Score, we have seen many of our apprentices grown and develop to become team leaders, managers and even company directors. Apply for an apprenticeship at Score and you too will enjoy a successful and rewarding career.

Discover Your Potential at Score (Europe) Limited

Discover Your Potential at Score (Europe) Limited