STEM Ambassadors Encourage Next Generation of Engineers

Over the course of 2 days, we are welcoming 400 Primary 7 pupils from the Peterhead and the surrounding area to Score Group’s Wellbank facility for an event held by Score’s training team and STEM ambassadors.

The schools include primaries within Peterhead alongside youngsters from Maud, Fraserburgh, Crimond and Strichen, among others.


The event aims to get the pupils interacting with STEM activities, some that may be a bit more challenging than experienced in Primary School.


Pupils are being challenged with disassembling and reassembling valves, communicating through Walkie Talkies to build Lego vehicles, and shown various technology used by Score including the Midas meter used to test leaking valves, each relating to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.



Each activity also encourages the pupils to use skills used daily by our own engineers. The activities are getting the pupils to focus on communication, problem solving and teamwork, and the event aims to help them with the transition to Academy after the summer, allowing some smaller primaries to bond with others.

Conrad Ritchie, Managing Director of Score International said: “In today’s world it is very important that we encourage, support and nurture the next generation of engineers. STEM subjects are a crucial part of this jigsaw, we are delighted to host and engage with 400 primary pupils and their respective teachers.

IMG_2787 IMG_2873

“We hope to see them enter our award winning Modern Apprenticeship programme over the coming years!”