A Decade of the Ian M Cheyne Building

On the 10th of June Score celebrated a decade of the Ian M Cheyne building. In 2009 Score Group director, Ian M Cheyne was recognised for his career-long contribution when he received a building named after him.  On the day, the unveiling of the red granite plaque bearing his name was shrouded in secrecy so it all came as a great surprise to Ian. Everyone from the building as well as many managers and directors from Score were present as Ian unveiled the plaque.

Ian at the Unveiling 10 Years Ago

Ian at the Unveiling 10 Years Ago

Over the years the Wellbank building has housed various departments within Score. Opening in 2003, the turbines and NIK departments, previously based at Glenugie, were first to move into Wellbank forming Score Energy Limited. With the expansion of Score Group, Wellbank has also briefly facilitated Score Training, and is now home to Score’s accounts department, IT and all of the Score Group directors.

The building is also host to many events held by Score within the Vital Training & Conference Centre (VTCC), including monthly apprentice lectures, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) events to engage local schools; and business events for both the valve and turbine industries.

The majority of the 11,000m2 building is used by Score Energy Limited, who provides overhaul, testing, supply and support services to gas turbines, and fuel systems, accessories and auxiliaries. Score Energy’s impressive facility consists of various departments, with a machine shop, specialist turbine workshops, extensive stock holding areas and advanced testing facilities. Energy’s NIK department has the ability to manufacture Score built turbine components, and also uses advanced technology to test components including a state-of-the-art x-ray facility.

Nestled at the rear of the building sits Sir Frank Whittle’s Jet Engine Test Bed, within the GLEN test facility. Ian played a major role in transporting the test bed from its original home in RAF Farnborough to Peterhead, where it was refurbished and redesigned for the 21st century.

Being with Score since 1982, and through various roles, Ian has been testament to many of the successes and developments of the company, including the set-up of a number of Group locations. Ian has always been popular amongst his colleagues, and spent a lot of time over the years travelling around the world, passing on his knowledge and experience to the next generation of Score engineers, leading him to be known globally and in the valve industry as “Dr. Valve”.  His one million miles an hour work ethic and fast approach to problem solving has also often resulted in him being compared to a burst hose.  Although many years have passed since he first joined Score, this enthusiasm and dedication has not waivered.

Score would once again like to thank Ian for his dedication and hard work that has lead Score Group plc to become the successful global company it is today.