Score Helps Develop Engineering Related Maths Skills

During the October holidays Score held a Maths Club for senior phase pupils S4 and above from the Peterhead area. The club is held twice a year during school holidays and is aimed at pupils who are considering leaving school to commence apprenticeships in Engineering.

Entering the workplace at such a young age, Score found that some apprentices were not quite work ready, therefore created the free to attend Maths Club to help prepare those considering apprenticeships. The club can help in the recruitment process, preparing them for compulsory maths tests when applying for engineering apprenticeships, and builds their maths skills and confidence to begin their careers.

Providing a practical element alongside workbook exercises, the club uses examples from within engineering where maths can be applied, looking at measurement and conversion, fractions, gears, pressure, and quoting jobs. To allow the students to gain concept of some of these subjects, examples from everyday life are also used, for example bike tyre pressure, in comparison with pressure used to test valves.

Running over 3 days, tests are provided on the first day to gauge each individual’s current level, and are followed up with a test on the final day to see the improvements made during the course of the club.

Ian Barbour, Senior Technical Trainer at Score Training runs the Maths Club, “Our maths club provides potential apprentices with vital benefits by giving them insights into the engineering world and how maths will be applied daily. This allows them to understand the importance of improving these skills.

“We have been running this club for several years now, and always receive very positive feedback, from the students themselves, and their parents.”

Once again, this maths club has received great feedback from those attending, and many of those are now looking to apply for apprenticeships in the near future and utilise the skills and knowledge learnt from the club.

“I enjoyed the maths club; I really liked getting shown around the training workshop. I got to learn more about fractions, which has helped me gain more confidence. Attending the club has shown me how important it is to be able to do maths without a calculator as an Engineer.”

“Attending the maths club will benefit me when I go back to school after the holidays, giving me more confidence in the classroom. I would maybe consider Engineering as a career, but the club has also helped me understand how important maths is in other careers and in the workplace in general.”

“I have just started an apprenticeship with Score. Coming along to the maths club has helped me to remember things I had forgotten since leaving school, and make it fresh in my mind. It lets you work on your general maths skills needed every day, but also focuses on more specific skills needed for engineering.”


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