Occupational Health Policy 

Score Group Limited is committed to conducting our operations safely and without work-related ill health. The company will adopt, as a minimum, the requirements of ISO 45001:2018 in pursuit of this policy.

1. It is the intention of Score Group Limited to ensure that:

a) We proactively seek to continually improve our Health and Safety Management System by engaging teams and individuals at all levels, encouraging individual ownership and participation.

b) We consult with personnel effectively and openly through safety representatives and meetings.

c) Health risks, including risks to either physical or mental health, arising from our operations are identified during risk assessment and appropriate control measures are implemented to reduce or eliminate these risks.

d) Risk-based health surveillance is conducted to detect the onset of work-related ill health and allow early intervention.

e) Personnel have access to professional medical support to discuss any health concerns they have in relation to work.

f) Activities which improve the health and well-being of our personnel are promoted and supported.

g) A support structure is provided for mental health concerns including the provision of Mental Health First Aiders and pathways to professional help.

h) All personal medical data is handled in a secure and controlled manner to ensure confidentiality.

i) Responsibilities for occupational health management are properly assigned, accepted and fulfilled at all levels of the organisation.

j) That all legal and other applicable duties are identified and fulfilled.

k) Health and safety goals and objectives are set for the company, teams and individuals using measurable and achievable targets.

2. It shall be the duty of each individual company member to ensure that:

a) They commit to working safely and to actively intervene if they have concerns about the safety or health impact of any activity they witness.

b) They report all work-related health concerns.

c) They contribute to improvement by communicating with safety representatives and participating fully in risk assessment, development of safe systems of work or any other such activities they are requested to support.

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