MIDAS® Sensor

Using the same acoustic emissions (AE) leak detection technology as Score’s portable valve leak detection tool, the MIDAS Meter®, the MIDAS® Sensor is designed for permanent but non-intrusive installation to provide continuous on-line valve condition and performance monitoring in hazardous areas where intrinsically safe certified equipment is required.

The MIDAS® Sensor detects the early onset of leakage so aiding operations to identify, trend and quantify valve leakage and enabling the appropriate operational and remedial actions to be put in place. This intrinsically safe valve condition and performance monitoring solution takes you from reactive to proactive maintenance by engaging in condition based monitoring and predictive maintenance activities. MIDAS® Sensor valve leak detection equipment therefore helps pinpoint losses and focus maintenance budget expenditure and actions on valves where maximum benefits can be achieved.



What valve sizes can MIDAS® Sensor be used on?
Which valve types are suitable for monitoring with the MIDAS® Sensor?
Where can I find more information on MIDAS® Sensor Technical Specifications?
How user friendly is the MIDAS® Sensor?
What is the traffic light system in the management software?
Should the MIDAS® Sensor be used as a single source to prove an isolation of a valve?
Are there any examples of where MIDAS® Sensor added specific value for customers?
What are the effects of different fluid types?
What if I have a multiphase fluid?
What conditions are required for the MIDAS® Sensor to detect leakage?
Can the MIDAS® Sensor be used in inherently noisy environments?
Can MIDAS® Sensor be incorporated into existing supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and Site Automation System (SAS) Systems?
Is there a wireless version of MIDAS® Sensor available?
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