V-MAP® Portable

V-MAP® is a non-intrusive, in-situ valve and actuator assembly condition monitoring system that allows owners to accurately identify and observe the performance of critical valves on their assets. This is important to manage safety risks and ensure valve performance and reliability is correctly maintained at all times. Critical valve assemblies include examples such as Emergency Shutdown Valves, Blowdown Valves and Process Shutdown valves. Condition and performance monitoring of these valve assemblies is achieved through the use of dedicated sensors situated on the valve, actuator and pipework.

V-MAP® was originally designed as a permanently installed solution, to provide constant and continuous monitoring of these valve assemblies throughout their entire life cycle, however, in line with customer specific requirements and Score’s continuous improvement philosophy, Score Diagnostics Limited have also developed a temporarily connectable version of the V-MAP® system, known as V-MAP® Portable. This portable system allows operators to gain an insight into the condition and performance of a valve and actuator assembly at any given time and date on which it is deployed.

The V-MAP® Portable solution is highly valuable for monitoring valve assemblies on, for example, aging plants where permanently retrofitting valve condition monitoring systems is either not feasible or cost prohibitive.

What is V-MAP® Portable?
The Need
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The System
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