Score Energy, part of the Score Group, is a leading suppliers of fuel system and accessory services for aeroderivative engines.

Unique OEM approvals and the latest aeroderivative service facilities allow Score Energy to support a vast range of equipment across many engine types manufactured by General Electric, Rolls-Royce and Solar. Score Energy’s commitment to providing the highest quality of service, with unparalleled turnaround times, utilising OEM parts and procedures ensure maximum performance and life span whilst retaining engine warranty.

Our customer base includes major service centres, end users and OEM’s throughout the world. We carry a large stock of parts and rotable exchange units which can be shipped prior to planned shut down and therefore keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Products covered by Score Energy include:

  • Fuel nozzles, valves, regulators and pumps
  • Bleed air and thrust balance control valves
  • Fuel dividers, manifolds and feed pipes
  • Lube oil pumps and valves
  • Hydraulic controllers, pumps and servo’s
  • VSV and IGV actuators
  • Starter motors
  • Staging valves
  • Sensors, cables and harnesses
  • Solar® range (Solar is a trademark of Solar Turbines Incorporated, which is not affiliated with Score Group plc)
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