Score Group has been a leading provider of valve and actuator services for over 30 years, as a market-leader in the sector we take pride in being an innovative provider who are continually raising the bar in terms of performance. Score Group has a truly worldwide reach in terms of valve services with well-equipped warehousing, overhaul and test facilities throughout the globe with a presence on every continent.

Valve services provided by Score Group include:

  • Total Valve Management (healthcare agreements)
  • New valve & actuator supply
  • Project supply
  • Overhaul
  • Modifications & upgrades
  • Designing, manufacturing and testing valve actuation solutions
  • Valve & actuator testing
  • Specialised testing including cryogenic, reliability and fire-type testing
  • Field support
  • On-site safety valve overhaul and test
  • Valve & Actuator surveys
  • Valve diagnostics
  • Engineering support
  • Failure analysis
  • Inventory management

Score Group places a high emphasis being able to provide our customers with a fast service, whether it’s a supply from our stock of over $500m of valves & actuators or whether it is the overhaul and test of an existing critical valve, we know how important it is for us customers to minimise downtime. We work hard to ensure the integrity of the products we supply and to continually help our customers make incremental improvements to their plant by increasing efficiency and extended valve operating lifecycles.