Score Diagnostics Limited, a Score Group company, is leading the field in the development of valve diagnostics technologies and equipment with its revolutionary MIDAS® range of products. Score Group recognises the importance of valve diagnostics in aiding our customers to manage their valve maintenance programs efficiently and cost-effectively.

The MIDAS® range of products, which have been designed and manufactured by Score Diagnostics, are presenting plant operators with new and exciting opportunities in managing their valve population. MIDAS® valve leak detection and quantification products are unique and use acoustic emissions (AE) technology and equipment to identify and measure thru-valve leakage. Using MIDAS® products, valve users can safely and non-invasively monitor valve performance, which minimises potential risks, costs and downtime. Using MIDAS® technology also presents valve users with the information they need to produce risk-based maintenance strategies, focusing their maintenance on the right equipment at the right time. All Score Group companies worldwide can supply MIDAS® products or alternatively can supply experienced valve technicians to conduct surveys using MIDAS® equipment.

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