Torque Equipment

To assist all your controlled bolting needs we offer a full range torque equipment for hire this incorporates hand torque Tools – spigot and ratchet type wrenches, sockets, open ended crows foot connections, ring spanner type connectors.

Hydraulic Torque Tools – Low profile torque heads, square drive c/w reaction arm torque units with a full range of links & sockets to cover all bolting sizes.

Air & Electrical Driven Hydraulic Torque Pumps – Complete with hoses, filter lube regulators & auxiliary fittings with a working pressure of 10,000 psi.

Pneumatic Torque Tools – Single Speed and dual speed square drive J-Guns complete with calibrated filter regulator lubricator system , full range of sockets.

Electrical Torque Tools – Lithium Battery powered square drive torque guns complete with a range of sockets.

Tensioning Equipment – Tensioning Pumps, Hoses, connections, we offer both metric and imperial standard sized tensioners and oversized tensioners for coated bolts.

Our torque equipment is regularly inspected to ensure it is kept at the highest standards and within calibration so when its required it will always be ready to go at a moments notice to meet the demands of a dynamic market.

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