Accumulator Repair & Recertification

Score are an authorized Accumulator Repair and Recertification Centre for Parker U.K. Ltd and with our specially trained Personnel, Score offer full repair and recertification on all types of Accumulators in accordance with BS EN 1968 : 2002, P.E.D. and P.S.S.R.  All Repairs and recertification are carried out in our custom build facility.

We also offer an Accumulator Survey Service both on and Offshore to assist customers who wish to implement periodic examination of accumulators within their pressure systems.

Score Can also offer Asset management on client accumulators, we use the Parker PTS asset management system which is a comprehensive asset management solution featuring state-of-the-art component-tagging technology to help you stay in control of your asset.

  • Accumulator Supply.
  • Accumulator Repair and Recertification.
  • Accumulator Tagging (Asset Management)
  • Accumulator Fluid Flushing to NAS 1638 ISO or 16/14/11 cleanliness standard.
  • Fluid Analysis to NAS 1638 ISO or 16/14/11 cleanliness standard.
  • Instant access to all Accumulator spares.
  • Vast Range of Accumulator Spares Held in Stock.
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