Fluid Flushing & Analysing

Score offer hydraulic flushing of new and existing equipment to NAS 1638 ISO or 16/14/11 cleanliness standard. As hydraulic system cleanliness is paramount to the reliability of Hydraulic Equipment i.e. Hydraulic Power Units, actuators, control systems, Accumulators, Gear Boxes, Umbilical’s, Hoses, Cylinders, it is essential that flushing be carried out following the installation and prior to commissioning. Regular checks of the hydraulic system will ensure continued reliability. score has flushing rigs available for use in hazardous areas and with all commonly used hydraulic fluids including mineral oil, synthetic fluids and water glycol fluids.

Our flushing systems are equipped with high efficiency filter elements to quickly and reliably achieve very low particle counts to meet or exceed an ISO 16/14/11 or NAS 1638 ISO cleanliness level. Our Particle counters ensure that the correct ISO / NAS cleanliness is reached.

Score have access to HPTUs of varying flows.

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