Hose & Small-Bore Tubing Asset Management

Score use the Parker PTS asset management system which is a comprehensive asset management solution featuring state-of-the-art component-tagging technology to help you stay in control of your asset.

Our easy-to-use on-line platform allows you to record, manage and retrieve product information quickly and accurately via the AIM Register, from any device connected to the Internet.

We have British Fluid Power Association (BFPA) / Engineering Construction Industry (ECITB) trained field surveyors who will carry out a comprehensive inspection survey report & creation of Asset Register using the PTS System, with any anomalies (e.g. routing, material, pressure) noted in accordance with industry guidelines.

Our BFPA trained hose manufacturing department create new flexible hose assemblies in accordance with survey report findings to minimise down time.

Key Features & Benefits:

Parker® Tracking System makes producing clear and dynamic product identification labels a breeze. Parker® Tracking System labels provide a critical link to the digital record where product-specific data is stored. Along with the durable labels, RFID and other tagging media are available.

Maintenance and Inspection:

Industry and governmental regulations are driving businesses to be more aware of their own record keeping. The Asset Integrity Management (AIM) module enables users to establish inspection and/or replacement dates to drive proactive maintenance and planning.

Security Come Standard:

To manage security and control access, PTS is configured per company site and user. PTS does not reside on a hard drive, meaning it is accessible anywhere and can be used on one or many devices at the client’s location.

Innovative Documentation:

On-demand documentation for simplified compliance requirements. Guidance on ISO, ABS, DNV, MDG41 and other regulatory objectives. PTS “Data Books” make it easy to produce highly customised asset documentation, including attachments and replacement history.

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