Calm Buoy Loading/Off-Loading System

Score's departments of Engineering, Design, Hydraulic, Subsea, Valve Test, Electrical/Electronic, Riser Clamp and our Installation Team working together to deliver a complete Calm Buoy tanker loading/ offloading system. We can supply and install the complete system Subsea Plem structure, valves on the seabed, subsea controls, electro hydraulic umbilical, rise clamps, subsea umbilical termination unit, top side umbilical hang off, the equipment for inside buoy HPU, accumulators, and all electronic controls. This includes all the installation and testing work:

  • Removal of failed valve from the Seabed
  • New 24" valve and actuator ready for installation on the Seabed (signed by all the team)
  • New 24" valve in process the of being lowered into the Sea ready for fitting in to the Plem and the pipeline
  • Fitting the Score Designed Riser/Umbilical clamps. These Clamps are designed to avoid damaging the Riser or Umbilical along with a neutral buoyancy
  • Riser/Umbilical in process the of being lowered into the Sea ready for fitting in to the Score Subsea Valve and the electrical controls
  • Air driven Score HPU and Score's bank of Parker accumulators ready for installation into the Calm Buoy
  • Electro/Hydraulic Umbilical connection to the exterior of the Calm Buoy
  • Score’s HPU and Accumulator bank in process of fitting out the internal of the Calm Buoy
  • Valve control panel within the Calm buoy
  • New Calm Buoy on station ready for the first Oil Tanker connection
  • Score can supply everything from the Seabed to the complete control system in the Calm Buoy
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