Wellhead Services

In order that a Wellhead system operates safely and reliably, the equipment used must be inspected, maintained and recertified within a specific period.  In the event of failure or deterioration of the equipment it must be repaired effectively and efficiently with the minimum tolerable operational disruption to facilities.

We have been providing wellhead services and maintenance on topside Xmas tree and associated equipment for over 15 years our dedicated workshops and portable workshop containers has been specifically designed to accommodate the service and testing of trees and subsea equipment.

Independent of all manufacturers and parent organizations - this independence means that there is no conflict of interest with any of the supply chain and allows Score to work on all products. This combination of expertise, facilities and independence has manifested itself in a situation where Score is the preferred service company for the OEMs.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism when it comes to the field services we offer.

We provide wellhead procurement, repair and field services of:

  • Wellheads
  • Wellhead skids
  • Wellhead PSVs
  • Wellhead running tools
  • Wellhead X-mas tree assemblies
  • Wellhead API Valves & Chokes
  • Drilling spool adaptors
  • Rod locks
  • BOPs
  • Choke and Kill manifolds
  • ECP and PCP pumps
  • Low/High pressure chiksan swivel joints

The services that we can offer are :

  • Well Integrity Testing (Xmas Tree valves, Sub Surface Safety Valves & Annulus Valves)
  • Wellhead Maintenance (inc greasing)
  • Wellhead pack off testing & energising
  • Echometer Surveys  & analysis
  • Annulus top ups
  • In-situ Xmas Tree valve & actuator repairs including change-outs
  • Complete Xmas tree removal & installation
  • Upgrade of equipment to a higher specification
  • Corrosion surveys
  • Production Choke repairs
  • Failure Analysis
  • Analogue Gauge testing and replacement
  • Storage and Mobilisation services
  • Valve & Spares Supply

Certification and traceability are key elements of wellhead equipment and this is held on line through Score's bespoke visibility system and used to manage equipment recertification and life cycle which helps ensure that the right equipment is in the right place at the right time and in the right condition. Visibility software enables global access to critical information via the internet portal where clients can view equipment assets register with filters to extract information, recertification lookaheads, and equipment certification and documentation packages. 

Our fully equipped offshore workshop container fleet sets us aside from the competition, enabling us to complete all the above with ease and to the highest standard. Our containers support our Field Service technicians offshore. These can be stocked to your specific requirements to suit your particular installed equipment.

Our fully qualified valve technicians not only have knowledge in all types of Wellhead systems, valves and actuators, they are competent in all valve types including Gate/Ball/PSVs/Chokes/Control valves etc. Therefore, they can be utilized in many operational applications whilst on site, saving time and costs on numerous vendors and additional logistical costs, resulting in a slicker more professional operation.

Onshore Capabilities & Decommissioning

Onshore Capabilities & Decommissioning

Our facilities have the ability to Repair, Recondition, upgrade, modify, overhaul and test all types of Xmas tree and Wellhead related equipment.
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Onshore Capabilities & Decommissioning

Onshore Workshop ability

Our facilities have the ability to Repair, Recondition, upgrade, modify, overhaul and test all types of Xmas tree and Wellhead related equipment.

All our workshop facilities have the following:

  • Overhead Gantry Cranes
  • Dedicated Inspection areas
  • Hydro Pressure testing facilities
  • Submersible N2 Pressure testing facilities
  • Dedicated Blasting & Spray Painting facilities
  • Storage Facilities
  • Specialist Wellhead tooling
  • Storage facilities

Onshore Support Services

  • Engineering Support – Dedicated support from Score qualified Engineers
  • Procurement – With over $500m of stock
  • Training – Various industry courses tailored for clients.
  • Dedicated Focal Points – To ensure clients are being completely catered for.

Decommissioning Assistance

Our global experience working on a wide range of wellhead equipment along with our suite of on sites services places us in an ideally positions to support in abandonment and decommissioning projects.