Joined the Company: 2012
Employed as: Mechanical Support Engineer
Enjoys: Score have always been on hand to help me progress in education and in my professional career.

Tell us about your role at Score and how you got there?

I left school at 16 back in 2012 and moved to Peterhead to start my mechanical apprenticeship with Score. Throughout the years I have since worked in various departments whilst being able to work at other Score Locations. I have also spent some time working offshore. When I decided to continue in education beyond my HNC, this eventually led to some office-based job roles. I have done a few job roles including a Mechanical Technician, QA Inspector, Repairs Coordinator, PSV Planner before then progressing into my current role as a PSV Focal Point. In this role, I lead a team of PSV Planners and PSV Repairs Coordinators and have been able to help implement various changes that has helped the department progress.

When you reflect on your career what make you most proud?

When Score takes on as many apprentices as they do, I always tried to do that little bit more in order to help my progression. By continuing on with education I was recently able to graduate with Distinction from Robert Gordons University in Aberdeen. This would be what I am most proud of in my career so far.

What do you enjoy about working at Score?

Score have always been on hand to help me progress in education and in my professional career. Without this assistance, I would not be in the position I am today. I also enjoy the opportunities for travelling there has been in the past and I don’t doubt there wont be more in the future. In addition to the previous I now enjoy helping others take steps to develop professionally.

What would you tell someone considering a job or apprenticeship at Score?

When I came to the School Leaving age, family members, School staff and friends questioned whether leaving school at 16 was the right choice. If I had the chance again, I would do exactly the same and would have left School earlier if I could. To earn whilst you learn was a massive bonus yet I was able to continue onto further education and a degree in the end. I have now been in full time employment for 8 years with Score and that might not be said for some who have gone down the conventional College/University route.

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