Asset Integrity Management

With Score, your asset integrity is in safe hands

Score is committed to your operational excellence. That’s why our asset integrity management solutions combine our years of expertise with real-world data to help you make informed decisions to improve your asset’s performance.

Our holistic approach makes your targets achievable. Tailored asset management frameworks cover everything from document reviews to the optimisation of insurance and operational spares. Our valve management services, including our proprietary MIDAS Meter® and MIDAS® Sensor advanced leak detection technologies, give you more than peace of mind. It’s the reassurance of knowing every aspect of your asset integrity management is taken care of with the utmost attention to detail.

  • Holistic asset management frameworks

  • Unique tailored valve management services

  • Rapid and easy to use acoustic leak detection technology

Our advanced and specialist testing procedures and facilities ensure that all parts we overhaul and repair meet our exceedingly high level of quality.

Global coverage

We have offices and facilities all over the world, always ready when and where you need us.