Fugitive Emissions

Supporting your zero-leak operations

75% of fugitive emissions come from valves. With decades of industry experience, Score’s Emissions Elimination solutions allow you to detect, prioritise and eliminate fugitive emissions on your assets.

Our fugitive emissions elimination solutions have been expertly designed to support you towards zero-leak operations.

Our team of skilled emissions experts use the latest technology to detect and quantify fugitive emissions.  You receive a digital report with recommendations on actions required to eliminate emissions, and we carry out any mitigation and repairs in the fastest time.

It’s how we help to keep your assets safe and running reliably.

  • OGI Cameras

  • FLIR Cameras

  • VOC/FID Sniffers

  • Complementary condition monitoring tooling

  • Digital survey tablet

  • Emissions Management Platform

Our advanced and specialist testing procedures and facilities ensure that all parts we overhaul and repair meet our exceedingly high level of quality.

Global coverage

We have offices and facilities all over the world, always ready when and where you need us.