Energy Savings

Higher efficiency, lower emissions

Inefficiencies across your facilities lead to carbon losses. Whether in your main processes, during power generation, or on auxiliary systems such as instrument air, steam and water, leaks lead to compressors or pumps working harder, resulting in increased emissions and reduced efficiency.

Let our Emission Elimination experts support you in finding, diagnosing, and mitigating leaks across all systems to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

  • Compressed Air and Vacuum Leak Detection

  • Steam Loss Inspection

  • Thermal Imaging Surveys

  • Flaring & incomplete combustion monitoring

  • Valve Diagnostics & condition monitoring

  • Through-Valve Leak Detection – MIDAS ® Meter & MIDAS ® Sensor

Our advanced and specialist testing procedures and facilities ensure that all parts we overhaul and repair meet our exceedingly high level of quality.

Global coverage

We have offices and facilities all over the world, always ready when and where you need us.