Fuel Systems & Accessories

Advanced engineering for improved performance

Time is money. If your industrial gas turbine goes down, trust Score’s gas turbine repair experts to get you back online as fast as possible. Not only that –  our gas turbine repair services will help you improve performance. We know every gas turbine repair solution is different, so every solution we offer is different, too. And of the absolutely highest quality. From our extensive turbine components inventory, to overhauling and repairing parts of a turbine, to component assembly and manufacture, Score’s gas turbine repair solutions have got you covered.

Overhaul & Repair

Quality. Innovation. Better performance.

As gas turbine repair experts and one of the leading gas turbine maintenance companies, Score’s overhaul, repair, inspection and exchange service is industry leading and wide ranging. Overhauls are to the highest OEM quality standards while our advanced gas turbine repair solutions and coatings improve your turbine performance and extend service life.

  • All experts trained to OEM standards for highest service quality

  • World’s largest stock of fuel systems, parts of a turbine and accessories for unbeatable delivery speed

  • Local service centres, global support

Component & Assembly Manufacture

The smallest detail can impact the bigger picture

Our unique combination of years of legacy knowledge and dedication to customer satisfaction, coupled with ultra-modern manufacturing facilities and unrivalled 24/7, 365 days a year support, give you peace of mind and reassurance that when it comes to gas turbine repair services, Score gives you what you need, when you need it.

  • Effective troubleshooting for rapid solutions

  • On-site support within 24 hours – wherever you are

  • Unique insights from experts to increase your uptime

Our advanced and specialist testing procedures and facilities ensure that all parts we overhaul and repair meet our exceedingly high level of quality.

Global coverage

We have offices and facilities all over the world, always ready when and where you need us.