Score and asset55 Announce Pioneering Collaboration to Transform How Industry Manages Emissions

We are delighted to announce a pioneering collaboration with the leading software technology company asset55. The collaboration focuses on the enhancement of our Emissions Elimination Program (EEP) through integration with asset55’s ‘Operate’ software platform.

Drawing on four decades of experience, our EEP is a comprehensive solution designed to reduce operators’ environmental footprint and help them achieve their sustainability goals through the detection and mitigation of emissions. It will ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate failures, and optimise production output.

Developed by a team of skilled engineers and software developers, asset55’s proven ‘Operate’ software offers intuitive dashboards that helps users to monitor the environmental performance of their facility and track maintenance activities throughout the life cycle of an asset. It interacts seamlessly with client Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, enabling real-time collaboration among project stakeholders, both onshore and offshore.

Both companies are committed to delivering emissions reduction and sustainability solutions that are digitally proficient and adaptable to customers’ challenges. We were honoured to be recognised for our successes in the emissions elimination field at the recent Energy Industries Council (EIC) National Awards in London, with Score winning both the ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Service & Solutions’ titles, and asset55 receiving the ‘Optimisation’ award.

Speaking of the collaboration, our Emissions Manager (Europe & Africa), Scott Wallis, said: “One of the key industry challenges for emissions reduction is data management, and this collaboration allows our customers to manage everything digitally, in one place. They can monitor the environmental performance of their facility, track maintenance activities and execute work.

“The software offers customisable dashboards to provide valuable insights and data analytics to all stakeholders, as well as allowing the customer to report on emission sources in a framework that suits the regulator in the required region.”

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