Score deliver reliable retrofit automation for 100 year old penstocks

Flood control penstocks at a major UK reservoir have been automated with the design and installation of new actuators and gearboxes as part of an extensive upgrade programme. The end user wanted to automate the existing manually operated penstocks to provide reliable and fast operation in severe weather conditions. In a contract awarded to Score Europe by WA Cooke engineering, Score undertook the design and automation while WA Cooke serviced and repaired the penstocks. WA Cooke was appointed as Lead Contractor.

Score’s work included calculating the 100-year-old penstock operating requirements and power consumption to deliver reliable 24/7 operation. The improvements deliver fast and reliable flood control, opening the penstocks and moving water from the upper reservoir to the lower reservoir on demand, providing the operator with the maximum reliability and availability on this application.

Score designed, engineered, and manufactured the penstock automation solutions and selected Rotork’s IQS actuator for this project which offers high levels of reliability and environmental protection. The actuators were mounted to bevel gearboxes and supplied with vandal proof covers to stop unwanted operation of the penstocks in this remote location. Work also included the design and installation of power supplies and extensive on-site machining to modify the manual penstocks for automation.

Score engineers dismantled the existing manual pedestals, engineered and replaced worn and obsolete components as required, and manufactured custom adaptions prior to installation of the actuators and gearboxes. The finished installation was inspected and signed off ahead of schedule to the satisfaction of WA Cooke’s Project Director. All work was carried out by Score’s fully qualified site service engineers according to Score’s own site safety procedures and regulations.

Joe Lyon, Project Director at WA Cooke commented: “Score provided a first-class service and delivered an efficient and speedy retrofit operation. The terrain was not easy to navigate, but Score’s engineers made a pre-installation inspection and prepared themselves fully for the location. We were impressed by their professionalism and site safety and look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Ian Elliott, Business Development Manager at Score Europe said of his team: “I am proud of our record for delivering innovative and independent engineered solutions to our customers, including this retrofit operation. Our service engineers exceeded expectations and were able to finish the project ahead of schedule due to the excellent project organisation by WA Cooke. This is another example of how Score are working side-by-side with UK water utilities and contractors.”

Scott Will, Business Unit Director at Score Group Limited commented: “This is another fantastic example of our ability within the Score Group to provide innovative engineered solutions to our valued clients in the UK water sector. We would like to thank WA Cooke for this opportunity and look forward to working closer with them in the future.”

Retrofit is just one of the services provided by Score to the UK water and power sectors. With service facilities across the UK, Score are uniquely positioned to deliver fast, local services for emergency situations and planned or reactive maintenance. Additionally, Score provide an independent approach to valve and actuator solutions, allowing them to specify the best products to suit customer requirements. Score service and repair valves and actuators both on- and off-site and provide torque testing and calibration in dedicated centres of excellence throughout the UK.

Engineered solution from Score delivering reliable penstock operation. Previous inoperable penstock operators. Finished and commissioned installation. Dismantling existing manual operator. On-site machining and installation of adaptions. Gearboxes being lifted into position.

Our advanced and specialist testing procedures and facilities ensure that all parts we overhaul and repair meet our exceedingly high level of quality.

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