Score Employee Assists in COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

A quality representative from our UK team recently completed training to administer vaccinations as part of the country’s fight against Coronavirus.

Volunteering as an Advanced Event First Aider with St John’s Ambulance in his spare time; the role has previously seen him work at events including the London Marathon.

As the leading volunteer First Aid organisation in the UK, St John’s Ambulance volunteers provide first aid in their communities, at events and work alongside the National Health Service (NHS) in response to 999 calls.

2021 began with a rigorous selection and training process, in order to support the UK COVID-19 vaccination programme. Following successful completion of the training, he is now qualified to issue both Pfizer-BioNTech and Astra Zeneca vaccinations and has worked at various vaccination centres across the North of England, including the Huddersfield centre, just a few miles from Score’s Brighouse facility. He has covered various roles from carrying out vaccinations and assisting with the associated administration, right through to acting as a ‘patient advocate’; providing reassurance to those that may have additional needs, phobias or require a little extra support of any kind during the course of their vaccination appointment.

Speaking of his involvement with the programme, our quality representative said: ‘It certainly makes a change from providing public first aid services at football and cricket matches. It’s been particularly good to see the brilliant team work at all levels – Healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists, working alongside volunteers like myself, from all backgrounds, and seeing our training and skills recognised and put to good use. St John’s Ambulance volunteers are committed to providing 60,000 vaccination shifts per month, across the country, when we reach full speed (we’re not quite there yet!). I have no doubt that there’s the capacity and determination to provide more if requested to.’

Score thanks him for his fantastic contribution, and for assisting the NHS at such a critical time.

Pictured is our quality representative and St John’s Ambulance volunteer, wearing full PPE.
Pictured is our quality representative and St John’s Ambulance volunteer, wearing full PPE.

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