Score win Valve and Actuator Framework for National Grid

Score Group has been awarded a framework contract with National Grid Gas Transmission and Metering (GT&M), the body that manages and maintains approximately eight million domestic and commercial gas assets in the UK, providing metering and connection services.

Score engineer performing pre-delivery checks on new electric actuators.
Score Group locations have dedicated areas for GT&M actuators and valve stock.

The new framework agreement between Score Group and GT&M covers the procurement, supply and stocking of valves and actuators across GT&M’s network, assisting them in ensuring that all gas assets continue to run in a safe and efficient manner for the homes and businesses that rely on them. This includes complex industrial sites, small and large organisations, residential and commercial operations. Accurate and safe metering services are essential in all contexts, ensuring stringent levels of
safety and reliability of gas supply where valves play a critical part in ensuring compliance and integrity of such systems.

The framework’s remit is wide; it includes the procurement, stocking and supply of valves and actuators for all emergency and new project work. Actuator types will vary depending on each project; they will include electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electro-hydraulic actuators. The scope is complex, and the agreement covers all valve types in sizes up to and including 48” across the full pressure class range.

The contract commenced in July 2022 and is an important part of Score Group’s downstream service offering providing the company with the opportunity to further demonstrate its expertise and knowledge within the context of the UK’s gas infrastructure. Score’s operational practices provide effective management of assets through multi-disciplined engineering support, efficient and economical sourcing, and supply, whilst delivering a reduction in overall operating costs. Score will provide these benefits and the savings inherent in delivery of the services to GT&M as part of this agreement.

Scott Will, Business Unit Director for Europe and Africa at Score Group said: “We are delighted to have been awarded the framework agreement by GT&M. They are an industry leader in the maintenance and management of gas assets across the UK, so our expertise and experience within gas applications is a natural fit with them. The Score Group and GT&M will provide a professional partnership of supply and maintenance of valves and actuators for gas transmission and metering services, increasing levels of precision, safety, and reliability.”

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